Just wanted to let everyone know about a new comic strip feature I’m posting on the web, called Roger’s Blues. For now the comic is being hosted by gocomics.com’s Comics Sherpa service.  There, you can read the comic, sign up for it to be emailed to you, and send feedback.  My goal is to post a new comic each Monday and Thursday.  And don’t worry, I’ll still be posting a new Lee and the Boys comic each Wednesday.

This comic is actually a spin off of Lee and the Boys…sort of.  The main character, Roger Kite, appeared in a couple of strips here recently (here and here), but I actually started writing and drawing this strip before I ever thought of giving Roger a guest appearance in LATB.  At 39, Roger is single, balding, living with his parents, and has no social skills to speak of.  Those things pretty much set the tone for the strip.  You can start reading from the first strip by clicking here.

Oh, and I should probably mention this one thing – there is one comic strip that’s scheduled to be posted in a week or two that is the exact same gag as a Lee and the Boys strip I did a few months ago.  I actually wrote it and drew it for Roger’s Blues initially, but then decided it worked better for Lee and the Boys.

If you have any feedback on the comic, feel free to send it to me either through the Sherpa feedback feature or by sending me an email.  It’s still a work in progress so I’m open to suggestions!

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