I thought I would share a couple of “gems” from my comic book collection.  The two comics pictured below were the first issues of Beetle Bailey in comic book form.  They were published in 1953 not long after the comic strip began.  These two issues are significant for another reason besides being the first two.  Of all the Beetle Bailey comic books that have ever seen print, only three were actually drawn entirely by Mort Walker.  Those three were also the first three issues.  I’m still looking for that third issue, but rest assured I’ll find it eventually and complete the collection.  These comics are surprisingly hard to come by.  I acquired these two via Ebay by searching “beetle bailey comic book” and then scanning the pictures for one of the covers.  I found issue number two in an auction listing that included several other comics like Bugs Bunny, Lois Lane, and Henry from the same time period.  A few years and many fruitless searches later I found the first issue in remarkably good condition for a 50+ year old comic book.  If anyone sees issue #3 anywhere, be sure to let me know!
First IssueSecond Issue

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