I just received a piece of original comic art in the mail today.  This is a Sunday strip of one of my favorite newspaper comics, Barney Google and Snuffy Smith.  This strip was drawn by John Rose, who took over the strip when Fred Lasswell, who had drawn it since 1942, passed away in 2001.  The strip was originally created in 1919 by Billy DeBeck.  It focuses on the character of Snuffy Smith, who is a moonshiner from the mountains of North Carolina.

Here are a couple of images of the strip.  Click them to enlarge.

snuffyfull snuffydetail

I always enjoy looking at any kind of original art, be it comics, paintings, sculpture or whatever.  It gives you a much better insight into an artists working method than any kind of reproduction can.  I’ve always felt that Snuffy Smith had some of the best line work on the comic pages, as you can see in the detail image.  Now, to get this one framed!


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